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Issaquah Towing and Roadside Assistance

For prompt dependable towing and roadside assistance in Issaquah, Superior Towing is the one to call. Our friendly staff knows the Issaquah area and is ready to serve you. Whether you need to be towed to the nearest repair shop or just need to get your car out of the mud, call Superior Towing.


Issaquah Towing Services

  • Vehichle Towing
  • Flatbed Towing
  • Motorcycle Towing
  • Fleet/Commercial Towing
  • Classic Car Towing
  • Accident Towing
  • Vehichle Recovery
  • Commercial Towing


We take pride in providing high-quality, reliable, and dependable vehichle transportation services to Issaquah and the surrounding East Side communities. So, if you are in the Issaquah area and need roadside assistance or towing, be sure to call Superior Towing (425) 454 4054.